Does Guilt Drive Your Grind?



The Grind. It wasn’t really something I thought about when I was an employee. I knew about hard work and giving 110%. I knew that 80% wasn’t enough for me. But what I didn’t know? I didn’t know the passion of the entrepreneur. I didn’t understand what it meant to pour your heart and soul in to a business and make the grind personal. Now I know.

This week’s podcast is not just about the grind. It’s about the sacrifice your family has to make while you grind. I’ve been lucky that my business has made money since I started. Really lucky. Because I know it doesn’t always go that way. I know there are slow times. And it’s during these slow (ok, hard times) that you really struggle to remember why you grind. Well a struggle for me anyway. I’m also lucky to have the support of a hard working husband who believes in me.

So today I came up with a solution. Not very revolutionary but a huge step for me. I asked for help. I won’t go in to the gory details but needless to say, I’m fortunate to have amazing friends, colleagues, peers and team mates to whom I’ve turned for advice, feedback or connections. Whatever they feel comfortable with. After all – I know they are grinding too.

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