Mojo Your Strategy

What do I love about series? Well if it’s books, then I love getting to continue with the characters that I get involved with. Yes, I’m one of THOSE readers. If it’s TV, well that’s self explanatory. Who doesn’t love Life in Pieces, Big Bang Theory or Anne of Green Gables (Meagan Follows version only if you please)? A simple escape that adds some pizzaz to our imagination. If it’s business based, then I LOVE being able to build on skills and apply them to my business before diving in to the next episode.

With that in mind, Doug Osborne and I are bringing Across the Desk with Elizabeth and Doug to your business minded ears. Doug has fantastic insights in to some simple tools to keep your business on the right path. Did I say simple? Well if they were so simple everybody would be doing it, right? We’ll effective to simple because that is exactly what they are. No point in having tools if you can’t figure them out and apply them to your business now is there.

Take a listen as we kick off this business success series with how to harness the magic of the mojo moment to keep you going in the right direction instead of getting sidetracked and derailing your progress. Have a listen to the discussion that Doug and I have about mojo and take a look at the great article Doug provides on his website.


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