Ballsy In Review – Growth, Why and the Message in Between

Ballsy logo

So what is Ballsy? Other than a FANTASTIC way to describe a wide variety of the human population who choose entrepreneurship as a way of life? It’s also the name of a group I started that brings together women in entrepreneurship. Why? It takes a lot of guts to start your own business but sometimes you need more than that. And not to take the stereotype in vain but women need to talk it out.

Now that I consider that statement, all entrepreneurs need to talk it out. But finding a safe way to talk it out where there won’t be ego, competition or the fear of someone taking your idea? That’s a bit more challenging so hence the birth of Ballsy. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who would like to bring other brains together and see what we could come up with. After meeting 4 times, this has to be one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while. The insight, the perspective, the release and the support. All things I hoped for and so far we’re achieving.

Even if you aren’t a woman in entrepreneurship but want to learn a little something about business, gain some insight in to how to overcome challenges or have a light bulb moment that solves a problem, this might be the podcast for you.

This week we talked about process development and how it relates to HR practices, leading your business from why (thank you Simon Sinek) and how your messaging should get the heart of the fear that your customers might be dealing with. Heavy stuff right? That’s just how Ballsy rolls 😉

I’d love to hear about what steps you take to problem solve for your business and what successes you’ve had. Leave a comment below!


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