One of the many bonuses of being an entrepreneur is how flexible your time can be. Now that bonus can be a double edged sword is people see your time as VERY flexible and that the term working from home has some loose parameters around it. I’ve managed to deal with the loose part but yesterday, the flexible part came in mighty handy.

A large part of my life is taken up by these two:


My now 18 year old son Thomas and 17 year old daughter Vanessa. Fantastic kids but like any, they can suck your brains out. This is where the bonus of being an entrepreneur comes in. Family emergencies. Like yesterday. Turns out my daughter has been running around with a viral party in her throat. On top of an exam I had to drive her for. On top of my son’s high school graduation that we had to sort out his dress clothes for. On top of, on top of, on top of …

I’m sure most of you can relate but if you need a little more background, have a listen:


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