Something Old, Something New …

So what’s new with you? Somebody asked me that today and I’ll be honest I had to pause before answering. Why? Because there’s a lot of new things and some hangers on that I’d like to be old. I didn’t know what end to start at. But here are two new things that are part of an old thing that I don’t see me EVER wanting to get old enough to not do it any more. My podcast.

Now from a young child, I’ve been a chatty one. My mother has told me the story many times of how one of my public school teachers was concerned about my vocabulary. Not that I was behind but that I was far ahead of the other kids and would I mind sticking to their level. Now my mother doesn’t swear but I’ll bet there was some form of cussing going on behind the scenes at that asinine suggestion.


Seriously? Who wouldn’t want to hear every bon mots being dropped from the lips of such a cherubic little angel?

In light of such a verbose start in life, what choice did I have but to start podcasting? I know I’ve shared a few but two of the new things involve a series called Wise Word Wednesdays in which I feature a business book that I’ve read and loved or read and will tell you to run. It might not be a small coincidence that my well developed, and somewhat precocious vocabulary, might be related to my ravenous devotion and devouring of literature of all kinds.

See? Who wouldn’t love me?

I’ve also recently recorded a three part series with Doug Osborne of Doug’s Unlimited about three areas that entrepreneurs need to focus on when starting their business. The first of the three focuses on the mojo of starting a new business and remembering that while you might be floating on the high of launching out of your own, sometimes in to this life, a little downer must fall. It’s at these times that working on the mojo will help keep the early day enthusiasm bright and shiny.

Take a listen. Leave a comment. Let me know what you’d like to hear about!


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