What Is Your Audience Looking At?

power of visual storytelling


I’m a bit of a book and stats geek so when I came upon this book, The Power of Visual Storytelling, it spoke to me in ways that books don’t speak to most people. As a communications consultant, I try to gather as many resources as possible. As a small business owner, I do the same thing. Is this for everybody? No. That’s why I added Wise Words Wednesday to my Entrepreneurial Entrails podcast.

With time at a premium for most people, wasting time on resources that will not provide any value to the business is not an option. My hope is that Wise Words Wednesdays will help alleviate some of that time suck in a quick and dirty way.

This book focuses on the power of adding relevant, engaging and just plain nice photos to your content. Should you do this willy nilly? Should you indulge your cat picture fetish? Should the images not relate to the content at all? Should they shock and offend?



Be strategic. Use a book just like this to create a communications and social media strategy that will engage with your audience and engage their attention with your content. Otherwise, why are you bothering to create content in the first place? Use visuals that will continue to stimulate peoples’ imaginations, their thoughts about your content and the conversation you were trying to spark in the first place.

Take a moment. Take a listen. And hopefully we’ll both be wiser once your done. Especially if you leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!

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