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One of the reasons I love to be able to do what I do is because of people like Monica. And it isn’t because her dog Boink as adorable but because of her heart. Monica’s – not Boinks. Monica is a Burlington, Ontario based entrepreneur who believes that giving back to community is every businesses responsibility. I couldn’t agree more. So to kick off my Podcasting for NFP’s, Monica and I sat down to chat about her amazing initiative: Teacher’s Bracelets supporting Halton Food For Thought.

glamjulz bracelets

We both share some personal insights as to why this program, which supports 25,000 students per week during the school year, is one that Halton can’t do without. Halton Food for Thought is brought to over 160 schools across Halton through the dedication and perseverance of over 1,400 volunteers who know the impact of a full tummy on kids learning and succeeding in school. Ever skipped lunch and got a case of the hangries? Imagine trying to learn through the hangries. Yikes!

Thanks to Halton Food for Thought, and the businesses like Glamjulz that support them, kids all across Halton don’t have to work through hangry learning. They can focus on their abc’s, not the hangries.


Just like learning styles, the Teacher Appreciation bracelet is not a one size fits all. Your son or daughter knows for a FACT (thank you non-hangry learning) that Mrs. Smith LOVES purple? That Miss Jones wears blue every other day? That Ms. Chan thinks green is just the best color ever? Awesome! Glamjulz can help with that.


Each Glamjulz bracelet will help feed 5 kids. Any 5 kids. There are no coupons or means test to use Halton Food for Thought. There is only inclusiveness and understanding. If your kids have learned the Tribes model in their school, then the HFFT program is the poster child for how Tribes should work. Team effort. No judgement. Help each other. Since we should be setting the example at home, I hope you’ll consider the Teacher Appreciation Bracelet as a way to show you appreciate the teacher’s effort and support kids in the same school.

Want to learn more about the program? Give a listen as Monica and I dish on why personal gifts are best, skipping meals isn’t always the best choice and how teachers will impact you for the rest of your life:


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