No Junk Kicking. Just A Cape.


Phew. It’s over. Another 7 months of planning and brain storming and arranging and budgeting. For what you ask? Spark the Change Toronto. Did I pull off this masterpiece of a conference on my own you ask? Hell no. I was fortunate to be part of a 7 member team who all believe that organizations deserve the tools and access to expertise to effect positive change. Better teams. Better work environment. Better people.

Speaking of better people, I met this guy last year. I even wrote about him last year. Why? Because he inspired me then almost as much as he inspired me this year. In fact – he was even better. The quickie thing you need to know about Dave is that he has Cerebral Palsy. I hate to bring it up but the guy is a card carrying crip. By his own definition not mine. But what I, and most other able bodied individuals, fail to realize is that every day Dave has to be vulnerable. A lot. Like keep him alive a lot. And that was the basis for his talk.

This year, Dave won the Spark The Change award by implementing some of the things he’d learned last year in to the organization he works for. So this year he got to speak. For a guy that didn’t speak until he was 12, he’s sure got that word thing down. What did Dave speak about? Being vulnerable. And in a magical, mind blowing way he managed to equate his story of his first walk in the sand (this year) to how an organization should be treating their people. The picture above shows the beginnings of the only standing ovation a speaker received at Spark. Not that they didn’t all completely ROCK the house but Dave? Well I can assure you that anyone in the room that day, won’t forget Dave.

Take a moment. Take a listen. And  you’ll see why out of all my superheroes (including Deadpool), Dave is my fave. I’d get him a cape but, well, it would get caught in his wheels 😉



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