Do You Want to Rhyme with Ducked?

How taking a chance on being weird just might save your business

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If you are an entrepreneur, marketing your business takes up a lot of brain space. How do people find you? Are you what they are looking for? Is your messaging right? Are you getting noticed at all?

When you are bricks and mortar, that level of brain activity jumps 2000%. Trust me. I know. Because now it’s not just your online store and the expenses around that but also rent, utilities, equipment in addition to salaries and being able to pay for all those lovely little incidentals that come up.

I started Entrepreneurial Entrails specifically to address those little bits of info that are so hard to find that can make or break your business. Engaging in some weird ideas for marketing? Yup. That’s one of them. If I had taken a chance and done some weird marketing, I’d still own 3 businesses instead of 2. I firmly believe that playing it safe is what sunk my business centre.

Interested in learning how adding some Bull to your marketing might help your business? Take a listen to this weeks podcast on how Jimmy the Bull just might help you keep your doors open and not get ducked along the way.

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