What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

His Honor shares his insights with the commoners …


I sat down with Rob Duvall last week and learned a surprising fact about this well-spoken, friendly, outgoing guy: In highschool and college, Rob was a self-professed geek. Now I could continue to say was, but quite frankly something tells me that a bit of that geek from college who built an award winning fuel efficient car, still holds a place of honor in Rob’s heart. Why? Because the enthusiasm he showed for tech in the 80’s still shines through today.


Rob turned that passion for tech in to career by training business folk on how to use Microsoft based software. After travelling around North America and internationally to keep the Gates gospel alive, and training thousands of network administrators, questions would arise after the training about how Rob could continue to provide support in a consultant role. The market had spoken and the bricks were laid for Robert Duvall Consulting.


Tired of the brain drain and living out of a suitcase, Rob decided that RDC Networks would become his full time business. Combining his love of tech with his passion for providing the best, highest quality service Rob built his team which includes his amazing wife Carol. They make sure that not only do they communicate to provide you with the best network and products for your business, but that your team is able to communicate seamlessly between the different types of tech that today’s organizations require to run efficiently.


While this Rob Duvall doesn’t tango, and I don’t imagine is going to go live in Argentina anytime soon given his affection for Milton, you can be assured that he will bring his creativity, integrity and experience from teaching tech all over the world to your organizations’ next tech project.

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