Undrain My Brain

Dave Bredeson_Brain_Drain_Dreamstime.

And other lessons learned on the entrepreneur journey …

Originally posted on My Creative Voice in 2014

Becoming an entrepreneur has been much more of an intellectually draining process than I ever anticipated it would. This being said, after working with, reading about and researching online for many, many entrepreneurs you’d think I would have been better prepared. Nope. I had a vague understanding of the process and had sympathy, versus empathy, for those in the game. Being in the middle of the entrepreneurship process now, I think vague is being kind and my empathy overfloweth. What I’m noticing more than ever though is the impact on the creative side of my brain (versus the problem solving holy crap side of the brain) which is crying “uncle” at an alarming rate. It’s time to get my creative on.

For me, the adventure in to entrepreneurship has been much more about the problem solving than the creative process. I know there are bits of both but right now, the left side of my brain is dancing the happy jig of a physicist who just discovered how to qualify/ quantify the process of dating to get lucky. Think Big Bang Theory meets the Dating Game for Sheldon. I love solving problems, finding seemingly unrelated solutions and making people’s lives easier. (Pssst – Amy Farrah-Fowler: call me. I’ve got an idea that involves Viagra and proving a three hour long hypothesis.) It’s the behind the scenes / furious duck paddling that’s exhausting. New software, new hardware, new processes, making up the processes, new people. new information, too much information, new directions – that’s a crapload of new my friends.

Now I love to learn. LOVE IT. In fact I just signed up for another four week course on automated marketing and will continue to pursue my project management professional designation once the level of new goes down a bit. The last six weeks have been a bit of a blur I can tell you. Then it hit me this morning: my right brain is starving. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the logic of what I’m doing that though I’ve had opportunities for cakes and photography, my brain isn’t really there. The pesky left side keeps chirping off about all the responsible business things I need to get done. So much for staying in the moment.
Some would argue / advise / state the obvious/nicely mention or remind me that this is what I signed up for that fateful day in June when I decided to go it alone and put out my shingle (does anyone use that expression any more?) and they would be right. I love having my own business. Love the independence and opportunities. I’m sitting in my “office” sipping a tea and munching on quinoa crisps as we speak. Bonus! Love the new people and the newfound confidence. Love the problems and solutions that I come up with. But balance is the key to not flaming out and breaking my newly hung shingle as my head slams in to it to run out the door screaming.

My point? I need to remember when enough is enough. I get more done in five hours working for myself than I did in eight for someone else and that’s saying something. If you’ve ever worked with me, you know it’s true. I’m “that” employee. Great for the boss but not so great for me unless I am the boss which I am now so Yeah! As the boss, I’m giving myself permission to take time to pursue projects that feed my soul so my brain doesn’t feel starved and I go on a binge of People magazine and online personality quizzes. To that end, my photography is going old school and I’ve recently put film in to a 35mm I’ve been lucky enough to get. Old technology, old processes but new ways of seeing things. After all, isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is all about? Bringing old and new together and making it all yours. I know my brain will thank me šŸ™‚

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