Undrain My Brain

And other lessons learned on the entrepreneur journey ... Originally posted on My Creative Voice in 2014 Becoming an entrepreneur has been much more of an intellectually draining process than I ever anticipated it would. This being said, after working with, reading about and researching online for many, many entrepreneurs you'd think I would have … Continue reading Undrain My Brain

What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

His Honor shares his insights with the commoners ... I sat down with Rob Duvall last week and learned a surprising fact about this well-spoken, friendly, outgoing guy: In highschool and college, Rob was a self-professed geek. Now I could continue to say was, but quite frankly something tells me that a bit of that geek … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

Both Sides of the Desk

And other benefits of my medical secretary career ... I've been lucky enough to work both sides of the desk for two parts of my career path. Most recently as a volunteer and paid staff for the Girl Guides of Canada. Loved that job. Loved helping volunteers. Loved the interaction with parents. Loved being a … Continue reading Both Sides of the Desk