Start Sales Right From the Beginning

And other sales tips I wish I knew


Like most small business owners, I’m in sales. More of a like it or not situation for me actually, as I tend to think of sales in a retail frame vs small business. Having worked in retail for many years you’d think that this skill would come easily to me but, as some of you have also learned, it’s a completely different game when it’s for your own business. And some businesses learn this lesson so late that their business folds because of it.

I’ve also learned that lesson the hard way and if I’d known then what I know now? One of my businesses might still be in, well, business. This is one of the main reasons I’ve asked Marguerite Zimmerman, a colleague and friend of mine for four years, to be today’s guest. Marguerite, as you’ll soon learn, has been in sales for many years but she is the least salesy person I’ve ever met. Friendly, open, caring, skilled and astute, Marguerite is someone whose pearls of wisdom you’d do well do pay attention to.


While Marguerite cut her sales teeth the old fashioned way, she soon recognized that a 21st century evolution was needed to the sales learning process. It was through many years of training others that she saw the value in embracing the virtual abilities of Momentium. A safe and effective way to expose sales people to scenarios that in real life would cost the company time, money and customers. In today’s shaky economy, it’s safe to say that no one can afford to waste any one of those assets.


Having access to a great tool to teach a sales team isn’t enough though. You need someone with the genuine  ability to provide active feedback, guide team members through the sales process and help them develop the long term skills that translate in to long term sales for your business. Is this something that you wait for? That you decide once sales are slipping to fix? No! Start your team and your business off right so you don’t end up like one of the 8,000 business a year in Ontario that end up shutting their doors.



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