Working With Family?

You need leadership, communication and governance. Now.


Doesn’t that sound ominous and like a lot of hard work? But let’s consider what you and your family are currently doing to build your business. I’ll guess it’s a lot of hard work, right? My guest today, Laurel Hubber, agrees with you and knows what it takes to make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Laurel not only has the experience from working in a family run business for 13 years to help you navigate the in’s and out’s of protecting what you’re building, but the education in sociology, psychology and an MBA to make the process comfortable, understandable and manageable. After all, dealing with your family can be a source of great joy and great migraines. Laurel helps you find common ground right in the middle. No Advil required.


Lest you think we’re all business during this episode of Across the Desk, I can assure you that it’s not the case. In fact, while taking ninja photos (or so I thought) during the podcast, Laurel catches me out and I break in to a full case of the church giggles. You know the ones. Where the topic is actually really interesting and important but all you can do is try not to snortlaugh? Yep. That was me.

One of the topics that Laurel and I touched on was the challenges facing what I lovingly and respectfully call chickpreneurs. While being a manpreneur can have it’s challenges, women do actually face some distinctive differences on the entrepreneurial journey. Men are encouraged to be forceful and assertive and get patted on the back. Women? Not so much. Add to the fact that Laurel is already working in a role that sees its share of emotion and upheaval, and you’ll soon quickly learn why she is so good at what she does and why she’s chosen this challenging life.


So sit back, grab a tea and learn about how the entrepreneurial journey might already be happening for you if it hasn’t already. If part of that journey involves going in to business with your family, have I got the expert for you!



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