How Can I Be Of Service?

And help you provide WOW! for your customers


So who’s the real Hazel van der Werken? Well it turns out that apart from having a kick ass ass accent, she is an extremely well traveled business person who has worked in Scotland, Holland, Tokyo and a variety of international locales that made me rethink my current career plans. With an extensive background in project management and technology development, Hazel is now combining her skills in agile coaching to help companies overcome what appears to be a universal, global issue: poor customer service.


Through Hazel’s journey as an employee and having to deal with a wide variety of customers, she has been able to  see first hand the benefits to business of having a good customer service process. This now drives her passion as an entrepreneur to help companies realize that if they don’t have a good customer service process in place, they were fighting every day to get new customers. Why? Because they hadn’t taken care of the ones they had. And we all know it’s harder to get than keep a customer.

So how does Hazel do it? She listens. She questions. She looks for ways that companies can create value for their customer and delight them. She gathers data. She gets companies to look at their customer experience and see what they’re truly delivering. Then she puts all that together with her expertise and experience and provides opportunities for companies to work better for their customer.


So take a moment to learn about the little things and the big things that need to happen in your company to provide that WOW! customer service experience. And if after listening you realize that you customer service experience is more bleh, then have I got a Hazel for you. She’ll help you find the connection that you might have been missing to turn your customers from an interruption to the highlight of your day!



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