Podcast: Let’s Go For A Walk

And build some trust shall we?

Mike and I met two years ago when we became part of the same team that brought Spark the Change to Toronto for the first time. After spending countless hours on Google Hangouts, road trips for site visits and phone calls, I thought I knew quite a bit about Mike. Guess what? Today I learned I didn’t know diddly. Well maybe more than diddly such as his love of agile coaching, helping people succeed and just being a generally nice and caring guy but that he’s a drummer in a band? And sees nature as a valuable coaching tool? Those were new.

Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe and guest Mike Edwards


One of the many great things about Mike is his ability and concern with setting people at ease. You never feel as though he needs to dominate a room and shout his presence. But you also know that in times of need or leadership, he is the person people instinctively turn towards. Why? It’s that quiet assurance that he can help solve problems and give you a new perspective on a situation while injecting some humour and relieving tension. Or that could just be when we talk but I’m pretty sure everybody gets to benefit from his dry wit and patience.


He takes those personal qualities and an extensive background in project management and tech, and applies them to helping folks find their career path and coaching them through challenging situations. As a fellow “druid”, I really appreciate his affinity for nature and his discovery that people respond better when surrounded by nature. Who would have thought that trees were good for giving us oxygen AND inspiration for personal growth? On top of that, chatting in nature provides an opportunity for Mike to build one of the key components to his coaching success: trust. How does anyone build trust? By helping someone feel safe. I reveal my personal issues with coaching and safety and how I’ve struggled in the past with situations where I needed to share some difficult issues. Somehow being out in nature has a far greater appeal than the typical counselling / coaching office.


So take a moment to learn more about this lovely man who will help you find your beat, get you on the right path and remind you that looking in sometimes involves looking up.



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