Need a Hand Health Pro?

We’ve got you covered.


Meet Tree Ryde. She’s who I’ve nicknamed the Ambasadoress of Awesomeness for Health Local. Why the title? Because Tree is the voice of reason that you reach when you call Health Local to learn more about how being a part of Canada’s largest health directory can help your business. Plus she is what her title says: completely awesome. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help health pro’s across Canada. Who wouldn’t want someone like that on their team?


So what does Tree do? Well she’s actually the Customer Service Manager for Health Local and thanks to having a great service to promote, her job is quite easy. Well at least she makes it appear easy. If you’ve only ever spoken to Tree, I can assure you she’s hard at work behind the scenes making sure that profiles are up to date, businesses are listed and health pro’s are happy. Not an easy job at all if you ask me but she handles it with a smile and a namaste. Did I mention she’s a yoga instructor, certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner?

Across the Desk with Elizabeth Plouffe and guest Tree Ryde

Today you’ll learn that health pro’s have more options than struggling with their own website to get a great online profile, the benefits of Health Local’s newest service and how admiring your boss, in the most professional of ways, makes working hard seem like hardly working. Now that’s just awesome 🙂




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