Working With Family?

You need¬†leadership, communication and governance. Now. Doesn't that sound ominous and like a lot of hard work? But let's consider what you and your family are currently doing to build your business. I'll guess it's a lot of hard work, right? My guest today, Laurel Hubber, agrees with you and knows what it takes to … Continue reading Working With Family?

How Can I Be Of Service?

And help you provide WOW! for your customers So who's the real Hazel van der Werken? Well it turns out that apart from having a kick ass ass accent, she is an extremely well traveled business person who has worked in Scotland, Holland, Tokyo and a variety of international locales that made me¬†rethink my current … Continue reading How Can I Be Of Service?

Podcast: Let’s Go For A Walk

And build some trust shall we? Mike and I met two years ago when we became part of the same team that brought Spark the Change to Toronto for the first time. After spending countless hours on Google Hangouts, road trips for site visits and phone calls, I thought I knew quite a bit about … Continue reading Podcast: Let’s Go For A Walk

Need a Hand Health Pro?

Meet Tree Ryde. She's who I've nicknamed the Ambasadoress of Awesomeness for Health Local. Why the title? Because Tree is the voice of reason that you reach when you call Health Local to learn more about how being a part of Canada's largest health directory can help you business. Plus she is what her title says: completely awesome. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help health pro's across Canada. Who wouldn't want someone like that on their team?