From Pebbles to Baubles

Once upon a time a little girl went out on recess. During recess she saw a business opportunity that would change the way she looked at school forever. She saw pebbles. And from those pebbles an idea was born. If she could sell those pebbles, she'd have money to help her family and go on trips. Pretty smart thinking for a 5 year old. Her name was Monica Graves and that pebble idea? Well that's become Monica's successful company Glamjulz.

He Was My Very First

So I've decided to jump on the podcasting bandwagon not the least of which because it allows me another avenue to be chatty. My ability to be verbose via the written word is NOTHING compared to getting me going with a fellow chatter and a good topic. So the Across the Desk podcast was born.

Do You Need It Right Away?

I used to be that person who wanted everything that was shiny and I wanted it yesterday. I love tech. I love organization tools. I love intriguing, unique decorating items. I love cameras. I love books. I love having everything set up the right way, right away. Until I started my own business centre and then I realized that sometimes going slowly and building up to the shiny way, is the right way

It’s 2am. Do You Really Need to be Working?

Why late nights aren't good for you or your business What's the difference if I stay up a few nights a week working on my business? I'll catch up on the sleep. I have to get this email done! My website is a mess, I won't sleep until I fix it. I need to review … Continue reading It’s 2am. Do You Really Need to be Working?

The Power of a Story

But in pictures ... Back in November, Marguerite Zimmerman, owner of e=mz2, changed the way I look at sales forever. While I've got a fair bit of sales experience, what I learned at the workshop gave me insight that I never would have learned otherwise. Being in business for myself, sales isĀ an area of business … Continue reading The Power of a Story