Say No To Bad Content

Why Posting Bad Content Is Bad For Your Reputation So you work in healthcare. Yeah! Already you are doing something that is worth talking about. Now you've realized that you should start a blog or newsletter and build some resources to share socially and have on your website. Yeah again! You might want to hold … Continue reading Say No To Bad Content

Are You The 3% of Goal Setters?

When was the last time you sat down to identify some key goals for your business? Or your personal life? Or anything? If you're like me, committing to sitting down and writing out your goals is one of your goals. In a study from Harvard, the 84% of people asked who had no goals written … Continue reading Are You The 3% of Goal Setters?

Try Going Outside of the Inside

A lesson learned from coloring. I challenge you to find anyone within a five foot radius of where you are right now (except if you're alone of course) who has absolutely no problems. Nothing. Family is good. Job is good. Relationship is good. Since we've now established that it's highly unlikely everyone is trouble free, … Continue reading Try Going Outside of the Inside