MCV Communications and At My Office Canada are proud to sponsor the Health Care Collaboration Network! A FREE networking group for health pro’s in the Halton area.

Hello HCCN Members!

I’ve been a little behind in my messages to the group. Why is that important? Well, there are some great opportunities coming up and I want to make sure you get the chance to take advantage! Sounds salesy right? If I was actually selling, you’d be right but the fantastic thing about these opportunities is that they’re mostly FREE. Yep. Free. And I think everybody can afford the time for some free ways to improve their business.

Please take a moment to peruse these great events that will help you grow your business through better sales, overcome any fears of starting on social media and improve your ability to talk about your business. Even health care pro’s have a bottom line that they need to meet in order to stay in business!

November 4th 12:30 – 2pm

Lunch and Learn Your Way to Business Success!

Hypnotic Sales Skills to Stand Out From the Crowd!

Your clients make decisions based on their perception of how well you can serve them: Do they see that you understand their needs? Do they believe that you are working in their best interest? Do they appreciate that you are going above and beyond the norm for service? Do they enjoy spending time with you? If the answers to these questions is not a clear and definitive “yes”, you are squandering customer loyalty and your referral base.

November 18th 5:30pm – 7pm

The Right Formula to Start Blogging!

Are you a health care pro who wants to get in to the blogging action but aren’t sure how to start? Is this the workshop for you! This 1.5 hour workshop will take you through the five steps of getting started. There’s no magic prescription for success! It’s all about content and how to create it so people will read it.

Learn how to:

1. Find ideas that are health based and will resonate with your patients

2. Set up a schedule that gives you a plan and maximizes health trends

3. Learn the basics of a blog post and what you need to include

Get started with blogging and share you expertise, show up higher in SEO and connect with your patients even better!

Are there other events that would be good for you and your business? You bet! Want to see them all? Here you go: atmyofficecanada/events

Hope to see you soon!

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