A Healthy Change

Change. There have been songs  sung about it. Copious books written on it. Workshops devoted to it. And I’m sure countless hours on therapists couches or in support groups dedicated to avoiding or embracing it and why we do either. But when it comes right down to it, for the most part anyway, change is healthy. And last night proved it.

socrates - change

On September 9th the Health Care Collaboration Network met for the first time at At My Office Canada. I was a bit nervous about this change as I’m personally invested in both the group and the venue. Plus it was my suggestion to make the change so that’s always dry mouth worthy. Someone who has challenges with change suggesting and activating a change? Yikes.

But as it usually is when change is involved, the anticipation was far worse than reality could ever manifest. The meetup went so amazingly well that quite frankly I feel a bit emotional this morning. It was the first time for:

  • meeting as the Health Care Collaboration Network as we undertook a name change in August
  • meeting at At My Office Canada as the previous venue was lovely but not working for what this group wants to accomplish
  • guided member introductions instead of DIY introductions
  • our new Member Spotlight where a member gets to demo their services and do a mini workshop

It’s not just me – that’s a lot of firsts and changes and new things right? No wonder I’m a tired mess today but I’m also invigorated which is what change can do for you. As a wise person said to me yesterday: change can get you looking at things through a new lens and seeing possibilities or opportunities you might not have before.

Our new guided intro’s was thanks to Tree Ryde who kicked off the member introductions as I got coffee and snacks finished up! If you plan to keep on coming out, get your story ready because this change just became part of our monthly routine. And remember – you can change it up each time and you should. We want to keep learning about you!

Speaking of learning more – many thanks to Christine McCombe of The Natural Way who took on the challenge of being our very first Member Spotlight. Christine delivered a great demo on aromatherapy and even provided a reflexology hand treatment to all members! The training room at At My Office smells lovely and relaxing still.


Next month, October 14th, will be our next meetup and will feature Kelly Bentley from Soulely You Holistic Wellness Centre.  Kelly will be focusing on the 6 foundational principals that everyone needs a balance of in order to be ultimately healthy and happy. These are: Thinking, Breathing, Movement balanced with: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep. I can’t wait to learn how making changes to these principals will positively impact my life.

If you are a health pro looking for a free networking opportunity and are interested in learning, collaborating and sharing, then join us!


So until next time, stay healthy, embrace change and keep learning!


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