One Hanger At A Time

It's quite easy for me to get stuck in a routine. It might be for you to. Same latte. Same genre of book. Same marketing tactics for my business. Though it happens slowly but surely, as most routines do, the effect can be negative: Stagnation. Stifling of creativity. Stalling. I've decided to change that habit. How? One hanger at … Continue reading One Hanger At A Time

C Is For … Coaching

If you aren't singing the C is for Cookie song right about now, well, I'm not sure we can be friends. It's been a long time since Sesame Street was part of my voluntary TV repertoire and that lovable blue monster still makes me smile. He was my first coach actually. Granted it was the … Continue reading C Is For … Coaching

Is Learning Part of Your Marketing Budget?

Why workshops can save you money in the long run. The learning curve for most entrepreneurs in a start up is quite steep. Why? Because even when it's not your first trip to the 'Trep Rodeo, you've still got things to learn. One of the biggest things to learn is marketing. Especially when you are … Continue reading Is Learning Part of Your Marketing Budget?

High School Is Over And Other Networking Lessons

If you are new to networking or an old hat at it like me, there are still lessons to be learned. Now that I'm intentionally networking to promote my businesses, I'm even more conscious of messaging, etiquette and the fact that high school is over. Here's why you shouldn't forget any of these important aspects of … Continue reading High School Is Over And Other Networking Lessons

A Healthy Change

Change. There have been songs  sung about it. Copious books written on it. Workshops devoted to it. And I'm sure countless hours on therapists couches or in support groups dedicated to avoiding or embracing it and why we do either. But when it comes right down to it, for the most part anyway, change is healthy. And … Continue reading A Healthy Change