I LOVE My Real Front Door

I had this whole long post about the woe’s of not having a proper business address but quite frankly even I didn’t want to read it by the time I was half way done. Sometimes you try to write a post that will promote your business without promoting your business quite so blatantly but this one just screamed “don’t post me”. So I’ve decided to go a different way. It’s still about addresses though. That didn’t change. Even though my address did change. And so much for the better.

Not having a business address attached to a real front door can suck. It’s that simple. Does that mean you won’t have a successful business without one? Hell no. There are tons of businesses that operate without an address and have huge success. I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I know they exist. But they are usually in a virtual industry. They are usually in a situation where they aren’t required to have regular meetings. They can either go to the clients’ space and meet there or the ever loving coffee shop which I have come to loathe. Nothing personal Starbucks (and big shout out to my fave Barista’s Sandra and Shawna) but if I NEVER have to find the right Starbucks with the wrong address ever again, well, actually I don’t any more so phew.

Having a business address with a real front door can solve the typical problems of not wanting to give out your home address or having a place where people can mail or deliver things. Mailing still happens. My office mail guy brings my Cogeco bill regularly and I am so lucky to have a handsome Purolator delivery man. But what it also helps to solve is SEO. Yep. Search engine optimization. Why? Because you are then able to list your business on sites that require you to have a physical location in order to use their services. Yelp comes to mind as does Trip Advisor. On top of that, when you are filling out other online profiles you are able to add more detail that will rank you higher in searches. AND according to www.searchengineland.com, having an address with a real front door builds trust with search engine like Google and Bing. So when people go to Google your industry and the city you’re located in, guess who has a better chance of showing up?

Speaking of trust – a real front door address helps with that in other ways. I won’t address that now (see what I did there) but it will be a whole blog post unto itself that even I’ll want to read.

So what’s my point? That having a real front door address has a lot of benefits. Not only does it help with SEO, mail, package delivery, protecting your family and maintaining some space between business and professional life but to be completely honest, it just feels amazing. I am proud to invite clients to my office. I have the freedom to keep resources for my business there and not all over my dining room table. I have options to expand and do more work than I did at home. It has helped with productivity because I have to get up, change out of my bunny slippers and go open my business front door. Every day. And while it’s only been four months for me, I still get a little zing of happiness every time I turn that key in my very own office front door.

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