Welcome to SFN Health! From 07/30/2015

Hello! Welcome to SFN Health! I could add more exclamation points but I’m assuming you understand how excited I am to be starting up this chapter under the Social Fusion Network. My name is Elizabeth Plouffe and I am the chapter President for SFN Health. You don’t have to bow or anything when you meet me on September 10th – I’m quite laid back like that.

A little about me: I spent 13 years in healthcare between attending school, being active as a medical secretary in a variety of settings and then ultimately teaching the medical secretary program for two years. I love medicine. I love helping patients. I love working in an environment where what happens matters. Why did I leave you ask? Well that’s another story. After graduating in 2012 with a post-graduate in Corporate Communications from Sheridan College, I had a really hard time picking an industry to communicate for. Now after my waxing poetic about how much I love medicine, you might be having a head scratcher as it would be obvious to you that medicine would be the direction to take. Well, it was. But one thing I’ve been working on is how stubborn I am and it’s a work in progress. I decided not to rest on my medicinal laurels and strike out anew. I landed in a role as Marketing, Events and Communications Manager for a regional innovation centre and my role included helping people and working in an environment where what happens matters. I’m sure you’ve figured out the missing tick box.

So now I’m the owner and chief communicator for MCV Communications. I specialize in helping healthcare companies create or streamline communications strategies, social media strategies, office organization if they need it and events. But during this soul-searching where I realized the medicine box wasn’t getting ticked, I struggled to find a social group for people in healthcare. Specifically healthcare communications but any group would have been a great start. I even contacted the HCPRA (Health Care Public Relations Association) and was advised that there were no chapters in the area. They relied on professionals getting together on their own. Hmmmm. Not likely. I was lucky enough to meet James Burchill through my RIC role and decided to approach him about taking his social fusion network model and applying it to a healthcare vertical. James, being the great sport that he is, gave it some thought and here we are ready to launch the first ever Social Fusion Network group specifically for healthcare professionals just like you! There’s that excitement again.

I hope you’ll come out to the Ivy on September 10th and join this great opportunity to network and meet some new people. I know as a medical secretary I had great phone relationships with a lot of offices / clinics / hospitals / labs and loved getting the chance to put the voice and a face together. It’s that face to face /healthcare community building that is my goal for this group. We’ll chat, enjoy some great appetizers and get to know each other. See you soon!

Yours in health,


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