Sometimes It’s About Speeding Up Evolution

Good morning SFN Healthers:

Well it’s official: February was the coldest month in Ontario since 1875. One part of me says: Holy crap! That’s just sick and wrong! The other part of me says: Holy crap! Imagine going through that deep freeze with no central heating and having to chop your own wood and having no access to fresh water except the snow you melt … Kind of puts things in perspective doesn’t it? Thank goodness for advances in central heating!

Networking can be hard work too but it’s been made much easier in recent years. There used to be no associations to help you build your business and you’d have to cold call and face rejections all week. Holy crap! That seems like a really hard way to do things! Luckily things have improved drastically since SFN came along in 2011. The evolution to central heating in every home took from the 1500’s to the 1970’s. Yup. 400 years or so to have warm tootsies and not wake up with snotsicles. Versus 4 years to be able to successfully network and grow your business and NOT pay huge membership fees. Talk about a speedy evolution! Darwin would have a field day.

Now that we’re heading in to warmer weather, I really hope to see more of you out at SFN Health. Days are getting longer, sunshine is returning and we’d love to see your smiling face! Imagine the evolution your business and network connections could make if you came out regularly AND brought a friend? We’ve gone from 0 to 52 members in six months in a health market that’s tough to crack. Imagine what we can do in another six months? Or instead of imagining let’s make it happen! Reality has its’ perks too.

Speaking of reality: plants are getting ready to bust out of the ground, trees are getting ready to put out leaves and the sun is ready to warm us. I’m personally ready to put back on all my fancy work clothes instead of having to dress to avoid frostbite and give my ghostly white feet some much needed freedom. In the meanwhile, I’ll look forward to seeing all of you on March 11th! We’ll be starting the 50/50 draw, another evolution in the SFN network that spells success, and I can’t wait to shake hands with the winner. Door prizes are still always welcome so if you have a massage package or get ready for spring idea, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours in health!

Elizabeth Plouffe

SFN Health – Chapter President

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