Keep Growing With Heart

There are many interesting things about being involved with healthcare. It feeds my main need which is to help people. It’s completely fascinating to learn new things about the body and what it does and what happens when it doesn’t. It inspires a certain amount of pride in being able to bring together skills, interests and abilities all in one career. How cool is that? Well I thought it was so cool that I started a networking group for healthcare professionals. Why? Because I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets a healthy buzz from talking about health, people and how to be successful. Turns out I was right.

On Wednesday, February 11th, SFN Health met again. Yeah! A group after my own heart these health pro’s are all about helping others, sharing their ideas and getting together with like minded individuals. Good news for me. But getting the word out about SFN Health has been a bit challenging so I’m grateful for every new member that signs up. Speaking of which, and part of the huge YEAH factor for this blog post, our February meetup saw 7 new members! Our of our mighty group of 10 that braved the cold, 7 were brand spanky new! How cool is that?

Not only did 7 new members join us for that lovely meetup, but our group has grown from 40 in January to 52 as of this blog post. Wow! For a niche networking group that is amazing growth. And it’s happening not only because I’m stubborn and spread the word as much as possible but our members are spreading the word too. Between very positive feedback on the meetup site and very positive feedback face to face, the future of SFN Health is indeed looking bright.

Here’s our new members for February that attended on the 11th:

Wendy Saw: Tap Into Your Best

Christine McCombe: the Natural Way

Dr. Kristin Wootton: Your Path To Health

Robert Shackleton:

Jerry Tsia and Ashley Orchard: Qualicare Family Homecare

Kimber Wilkins: Master Intuitive

Of course our returning members are always amazing so thank you to Matt Scherb and Willis Yacobucci for coming out! People are already registering to attend on March 11th, our next meetup, so I hope to see old and more new members at that gathering of SFN Health.

So why does SFN Health exist? Well for exactly the reasons I opened the blog post with: helping, sharing and expanding your network with like minded individuals. What does like minded look like? To me it looks like a group of people who care about health, helping others to achieve their personal best in health and life and working towards success. With SFN Health starting to grow, I think more people are starting to see and agree.

I’ll close out with a hearty message. After all it is Valentines Day! Networking is not about schmoozing. It’s not about being inauthentic and untrue to your self. It’s about sharing the reasons you put your heart and soul in to your business. About sharing the passion behind why you are a massage therapist or hypnotherapist or naturopath. Now granted you usually only have 30 seconds to share that story but since you followed your heart to become a health professional in the first place, it’s a lot easier than you think. Join us on March 11th for SFN Health and we promise to make those 30 seconds worth your while and your welcome to the group heart felt!

Yours in health.


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