Fools Seldom Part – from 10242014

Most of my working life has been spent doing what an employer wants me to do and fulfilling their expectations. Most of my working life has also felt like a chafing pair of underpants that ride up and give me a perpetual wedgie. I have never quite fit in. Never been able to recognize when is a good time to keep my mouth shut. Never fully understood why people reacted so strongly to suggestions about their existing processes even though it was going to make things MUCH better and easier and better and did I mention easier? Hence the chafing underpant issue.

Working for myself has been an enlightening experience on many levels, not the least of which has been the distinct lack of wedgie. More comfortable to say the least. When I participate in a discussion with a client or event team member, my opinion has value and is heard. I’m not fighting the “man”. I’m helping people work and live better. Yeah! Part of that is the mind set I’m now sharing with some of the great people I’ve met at SFN. I see now that other people don’t embrace the employee wedgie either. So it wasn’t just me all these years. Phew.

October 2014 marked the second SFN Tradeshow I’ve attended and participated in. The first one was a little weird for me only because I wasn’t an entrepreneur at that point. I still had a wedgie. Now while this particular wedgie introduced me to networking and making connections and the value of building business relationships, it was on behalf of the organization I worked for, not for me. Or so I thought. Thanks to this previous job I met the SFN crew and they’ve been instrumental in showing me what can be accomplished when you find like-minded people.

This thought process starts way before I even arrived at the tradeshow. It starts with my outfit. Yes people: fashion. Of which I know nothing and about which I’m still learning. Sort of like entrepreneurship but more sparkly. I had a completely different outfit picked out than the one I ended up wearing. I still can’t pinpoint why but at the last minute I decided to go all black and white. Head to toe black and white.


That’s me on the left. Now – look to the right ….

When I arrive I notice that my good friend Joanna Blackmore made the exact same fashion decision down to her belt matching my necklace. No plan. No conversation. Just great minds thinking alike and having a fantastic laugh about it. She is very fashionable but also doesn’t usually sport the B&W look. We were both wearing outfits that neither of us had ever worn before to the same event. How cool is that?

So what’s my point other than that Joanna and I are fabulously fashionable? That finding minds that think like yours is life changing. Finding a group of people that are able to support and understand your business and life direction is invaluable. Belonging to a group where you can share your business story, make connections and know that you are adding value to other people’s lives makes all the difference in the world on those days that feel like the wedgie has become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

SFN Health is my stab at helping other people reduce their wedgie factor. It’s my way of trying to add value and give people a place to share their health business story and find like minded people who have their own unique stories to share. You don’t ever want to belong to a group where everybody is the same and thinks the same – that’s a mind wedgie if I ever heard of one. You want, nay I say NEED, to find and take advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow. I hope that’s what the SFN Health group can do for you.

And if you happen to show up at the next SFN Health meetup on November 12th  and we’re dressed alike, well then hey, great minds think alike and fools are more fun anyway!

Yours in health.

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