And On We Grow – from 11/13/2014

Last night was the first SFN Health that I haven’t been in a complete panic. Did I forget something? Have I got prizes? What if people don’t show up? I’m sure we all hear that kind of chatter before an event and especially one we are hosting. Why wasn’t I panicking last night? Because I know this group is going to be successful and what is there to panic about in that? Plus – I’ve already done all the panicking getting the group ready so now is the “fun” time where I get to focus on networking and meeting great new people !

In three short months, SFN Health has grown to 37 members on MeetUp. This doesn’t count the members that are coming out and aren’t on MeetUp. Last night was especially fabulous because there were 6 brand new members joining us! When I did the head count I was absolutely thrilled to see so many new faces! How can I panic when the word is spreading and new people are willing to drive out from Etobicoke to network with us? Welcome to Ken, Janet, Denise, Elizabeth, Eva and Crystal. It was great to meet you!

Once again the fabulous Joanna Blackmore manned the table and this time I actually went out and chatted with members. Why haven’t I done that before? Well – I’m shy. Now if you know me you might be saying, yeah right. But I am actually a bit shy and more so around people I don’t know. I’m even (audible gasp) introverted and can find groups overwhelming. The great thing is – the SFN network has been helping me get over this and deal with the overwhelming-ness of a group dynamic. It’s also helping me develop fantastic relationships that make it easier to chatter and get comfortable so it then opens more doors to talk to more people. Do you see where I’m going?

It struck me last night that I really enjoy being a chapter president. I really enjoy offering the opportunity for healthcare professionals to mingle and connect and learn from each other. I love that I now can go to multiple SFN events and there are so many familiar faces that I feel welcome and at ease. Well, more at ease than I did six months ago at least. I share this because if the same things are holding you back from networking, then I can commiserate. I can also offer support and let you know it gets easier. It gets better. It gets less panicky and more Oh look there’s Willis! Oh look there’s Matt! Oh look there’s Tracy! Oh look there’s Steve! Oh look there’s Linda! It’s like Romper Room for adults with wine and appetizers.

So what’s my point? That despite frustrations and panics and shyness I’m glad SFN Health is doing well. That despite my own shyness and introverted-ness and whatever else used to hold me back, I’m a full blown, card carrying networker that embraces the connections I’m making, not only for my business but for myself. And the fact that I get to offer this opportunity to others is extremely satisfying. So whatever might be holding you back from joining us, rest assured someone else has either felt or is feeling that way. SFN doesn’t just stand social fusion network but also Support For Networkers! Join us – you’ll be less panicked after your first time 😉

Speaking of Joining Us – our next SFN Health will be December 3rd with a Holiday Hoopla. SFN Burlington, SFN Oakville and SFN Health will be having one big holiday party to network, celebrate and have fun!

Yours in health.

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