A Perfect 10!

One of my last tweets on September 10th was, “Oh my giddy aunt it’s here! Am I ready? Heck yes! See you at 5pm at the Ivy” and with that the SFN Health Professionals chapter launched. Neither rain nor the newness of the group could keep a great crowd of healthcare professional’s away and I think SFN Health is off to a great start! Thank you to everybody who came out and showed me that starting this group was the right thing to do.

Last night the doyenne of MeetUp’s, Shanta Nathwani, gamely stepped in as front desk ambassador. As always, Shanta’s friendly and welcoming manner was a treat for those signing in and joining us for the evening. The lovely Joanna Blackmore, who had volunteered in true sister-chapter spirit to be ambassador for the night, decided instead to kidnap Gloria Clark (one of my fabulous door prize donors)! Why you ask? Well we discovered that on the way to SFN Health, Joanna’s car decided it was tired. And then it decided to take a nap on the Guelph off ramp. Luckily both Joanna and Gloria were safe and I look forward to seeing both of them at the SFN Hamilton on September 23rd.

With James Burchill using his snappy new camera, we were able to capture the spirit of the evening which, of course, is connecting with each other and building your network in the healthcare community. If you haven’t had a chance yet, here’s the photos! Lots of smiling happy people. Some of the smiling happy people will also be sent to SNAP so you’ll have another 15 minutes of fame. You can say you knew us when.

Many, many thanks to our door prize sponsors: Shanta Nathwani and Gord Fyfe of LCS Rehabilitation. Our winners for the evening were Sandi Yacobucci who is quite excited about learning new web skills and Allie Ochs who will have the pleasure of Gord’s capable hands working out the knots and twitches that come with being a busy healthcare professional.

Don’t forget that our next Meetup for SFN Health is on October 8th! Please share the opportunity with those in your healthcare network so that we can continue to reach out and connect the healthcare community. You can share the love and the link right here: SFN Health.

Yours in health,

Elizabeth Plouffe

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