It All Began When …

So why did I start SFN Health? Good question. It all began one rainy night … nope. That’s not it. On a sunshiny morning … nope. Not that either. What it came down to was when I looked for a healthcare based networking group, I couldn’t find one. I was starting to attend a few different groups but there were very few healthcare professionals and most wanted me to pay to be there. Well that wasn’t going to work for me considering I specialize in healthcare communications and am on a tight budget. How was I going to broaden my network, make connections that could lead to clients, keep my budget on track and help other healthcare professionals in the process? The answer? The Social Fusion Network and the very open minded, lively individual who began it all.

In true communicator style I reached out to James and said, “What the heck?”. Pretty succinct right? He agreed, we met for lunch, I paid, he ate, I watched him eat and then sweet talked him in to taking his model and letting me going rogue. Or at least vertical with lots of support and hand holding on his part. Thus, the SFN Healthcare Professionals group was born. For you. For anyone in healthcare who wants to grow their business, discuss their modality, connect with other health pro’s and get the word out about what they do. I might be the one running it but you are the ones making it successful.

How is it successful you ask? This is a free networking model. Free for you that is. Not so free for me up front. And that’s fine. Why is that fine? Because by becoming a member of the SFN Health group, you are saying yes to periodically receiving emails from me that will usually have a marketing message attached. It’s quick, it’s painless, it’s free and you might broaden your network even more or find that service you’ve been looking for. Great deal right? I agree.

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