The Reality of Rejection

So I decided about a month ago that I needed to take two major steps to bringing one of my businesses forward. After deciding which two steps, I started walking the path to rejection. The difference is that one path had a remote option and one had reality written all over it, though I didn’t know it at the time. One was also costing me something of value I didn’t realize I needed. Here’s what I had chosen:

  1. Redesign my entire website for At My Office Canada in WordPress as I had identified that as my biggest business challenge in converting visitors to prospects.
  2. Send out my first “infomail” where I created an infographic of sorts based on research I had done about the hidden costs of working in coffee shops. I sent it to my email list, posted on LinkedIn, sent out on Google +, Tweeted it, posted it and generally put it everywhere I could think of. As I write this, I just thought of one more …

Out of these two “major steps”, which one do you think will actually add value to my business, get me responses and should consider doing again? If you chose repeat #2 instead of continuing to waste time on #1, well I came to the same conclusion yesterday morning. It was the great response to #2 that was the catalyst to my rejection epiphany.  Here’s the difference between the two options and why you need to force yourself to do the tasks most likely to get you rejected. And I mean REALLY rejected.

Yep – I said it. Get yourself rejected. Working on your website is a type of remote rejection. You can blame lack of traffic or conversions to prospects on layout, color, placement of your menu bar, etc. You can justify spending hours (yes, there is a cost to this wasted time. See step #2) on tweaking, analyzing and color matching because it makes you feel like you are working on your business. Trust me – unless you have a site that looks like one of these, then you are probably ok and are just avoiding the reality of rejection that direct emailing and sharing that content on social media can provide.

Emailing your list, no matter how large or small, is scary. And I write for a living for one of my businesses. Crafting messaging that will convey the value of your business is scary. Why? Because your business is you. Your ideas, your dreams, your investment, your reality. And putting (some would say pushing) it out there is scary, sweat inducing, nerve wracking and the most important thing you can do for your business.  Notice the repeat of the word scary? It’s sort of a George W. Bush tactic where you repeat a word and your audience either acts upon it or becomes immune to it. I’m hoping you become immune to the word scary when it comes to rejection.

It’s taken me a while, and a lot of wasted time and opportunity, to finally acknowledge the power of rejection and my subconscious attempts to avoid making the right choice for my business. While remote rejection might be easier to handle in the short term, getting over the fear of getting rejected (numerous times hopefully) is a long term goal we should all aspire to.  With that in mind, this blog post will be going out via email (to my WHOOOOOOLLE list) AND social media AND my blogs AND on my website. The one I’ve finally realized spending any more time on is costing me valuable rejections. And that’s an expense my business just can’t afford.

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