A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry

What happens when you don't see the flame before the burnout So my husband is occasionally right. Notice I say occasionally. I have admitted that in public before but probably under my breath and mumbling while slurping a tea. It's not that he doesn't deserve to be told he's right but he's kind of smug … Continue reading A Spectacular 10 of an Ugly Cry

Are You A Referral Cheapskate?

First - I write this with HUGE thanks to everyone in my network and beyond who have referred to me. It is much appreciated and I hope you know how hard I work to reciprocate. If you didn't, you do now. So here's how I thought referrals worked. I, being of sound mind and new … Continue reading Are You A Referral Cheapskate?

It All Began When …

So why did I start SFN Health? Good question. It all began one rainy night … nope. That’s not it. On a sunshiny morning … nope. Not that either. What it came down to was when I looked for a healthcare based networking group, I couldn’t find one. I was starting to attend a few … Continue reading It All Began When …

The Cure for Analysis Paralysis

I'm a research geek. I love researching problems to find solutions. I love visiting websites, reading magazines (yes, they count in research as long as a Kardashian isn't on the front), interviewing experts and gathering the facts and stats I need to make a decision. But what if the decision I have to make is … Continue reading The Cure for Analysis Paralysis

Like A Surgeon

Like most people new to the entrepreneur game, I've spent most of my working life working for someone else. I've never had to negotiate contracts or hard line anyone. Well not much anyway and I've usually had the backing of someone must wiser and tougher than me which makes taking the hard line much easier. … Continue reading Like A Surgeon