How Do You Work In and On At the Same Time?

I’ve been working my way through an amazing resource called E-Myth Mastery by Michael Gerber. It was recommended by a fellow entrepreneur who felt it would be a valuable resource for this ‘trepping newbie. Having worked through several business canvases and business plans, worked with two business coaches and mentors and having read a library full of business books and magazines, I figured meh, why do I need this? But out of respect for this successful businessman, I got the book and dove in. Now I’m learning and living the difference between working in my business while working on my business. It’s changed my entrepreneurial life.

I know that’s an overused, Oprah-esque term but for this entrepreneur it’s so true. Nothing will ever prepare you for being an entrepreneur. No book. No good hearted chat. No mentor. No business coach. You can gain knowledge. You can gain perspective. You can gain support. But nothing will prepare you for the all consuming, passion driven life of owning and running your own business. I’m currently working in, and on, 3. Yep 3. MCV Communications, SFN Health and my latest is At My Office Canada.

The lesson of in versus on came home for me while listening to a CD from Success Magazine. Yes, CD’s still exist and yes, I listen to them. I took a fantastic tip from a member of my network and turned my car in to a business university. On one of the CD’s, Seth Godin talks about working on versus in your business which echoes the words of Michael Gerber who also espouses learning the difference. A very successful client also lives by living in the model of business development while working on it. If all these smart people know and believe this method works, who am I to question?

What living in my businesses has taught me is that working on my businesses becomes a real challenge. I’m so focused on delivering good services to my clients (kind of the goal of starting businesses in the first place) that I forget that I’m my most important client. If I don’t continue working in a dedicated, continuous way on my business then who’s going to do it for me? Nobody. Which is why some of the on’s of my business are about to be outsourced. Another professional is going to take care of the things that I know I can do but they can do better. Why? Because my businesses are worth the investment on good talent who can help me get to the next level and I’m not the only swimmer in that pool.

What will this free me up to do? Apply my passion and dedication to growing my businesses in to scalable models that will create an increase in revenue, provide the opportunity to help more people succeed and allow me to work on my next idea. Yup. Potentially business #4. Or get to that blog post that’s been waiting. Or develop teaching tools. Or run workshops … After all, life is about change.

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