So What’s Up?

Do you ever look at a task list and think, “I can get all that done!” and then two months later some of the same items are still sitting unchecked? That’s what it has been like for blogging. As a communications consultant you’d think I’d realize the importance of regularly communicating. And I do. I REALLY do. However, some stuff’s been going on that I’d like to share and hopefully you’ll forgive me for my prolonged absence. So here’s what’s up:

First – I’m launching my third business in 9 months. Yup. Third. I launched MCV Communications in June 2014, SFN Health in September 2014 and At My Office Canada launches, gulp, next week on May 4th. Well officially on May 1st but that’s a Friday and a bit of weird day to launch. Come see us! Yeah! Have a great weekend. Bye … So things have been a bit nutty.

Next – I was fortunate to be asked to join the Board of Directors for the Halton Fresh Food Box program as part of the marketing and communications team. That started officially in January 2015. I’m still involved with Girl Guides as well but have decided, with very heavy heart, that I’m not giving that position the credit or time it deserves and will be stepping down at the end of this year. My blue runs deep enough that I know someone else needs to do the job.

Last – I just wrapped up being part of the planning and organizing committee for a three day international conference called Spark the Change on agile development and organizational change. Why did it wrap up? Because the event just finished on Friday and it was freaking amazing! I’m just starting to come off my geeking out high after meeting fabulous agile enthusiasts and learning so much about organizational change and what is possible. As one of my tweets went, I’ve found my tribe. So much so, that I’m looking in to what training I need to become an agile coach. Yup. Another task on my list.

The great thing about all of these projects and opportunities is that I’ve found the level of busy that keeps me engaged and creative without completely going nuts. I get to learn, help people, network and grow but all at my pace. Which, I have to be honest, is better at warp speed. I do build in tea and book time so don’t worry – no bell towers are looming in my future. What I can’t wait to share is the next what’s up. Why? Because now I’d love to put on a FailCon, facilitate even more trainings for At My Office Canada clients, develop an appreciation board with feedback cards, write more blog posts …

I guess having a lot on your task list provides a lot of what’s ups and that’s a great thing to share!

Yours in growth,


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