I Met This Guy

david d

That sounds like a juicy start doesn’t it? As I’ve been happily with the same guy for 22 years this isn’t THAT kind of post. I wouldn’t know what to do on Plenty Of Fish or Match.com any way. This guy was a guy I met at Spark the Change. His name is David Dame. Why pick on him in particular? Well, he says I might kick him in the junk the next time I meet him if he calls me a bitch so I thought I’d set the record straight.

I heard about David from Jason Little a few weeks before Spark the Change. Why? Well David has some mobility issues that as the event organizer I needed to be aware of. Nothing bugs me more than a guest being made to feel uncomfortable during an event. It’s my job to make sure everybody is accommodated as much as possible. Unless you want some kind of frou-frou meal substitution the day of or only red m&m’s on the table and then, well, we probably shouldn’t be working together.

The other thing Jason shared was David’s sense of humor. Why? Well David isn’t your average guy. On many levels. After meeting him I can say he’s amazingly smart with a wicked way of getting to the point that puts most able bodied men to shame. But because he’s in a chair, some might argue that you have to show a certain level of deference. Some might argue that because he has CP, you can’t josh around with him or give him a hard time. I disagree and he has completely changed the way I see the chair. I don’t any more.

Need an example of what makes a part of David tick? Here’s the blog post that Jason shared with me to give me an idea of what kind of guy David is. He had given me the run down of the blog post previously but I read it in full the night before and just about peed my pants laughing. It is freaking hilarious. Right then and there I knew this was a guy I had to meet. Trust me – if you click that link, you’ll want to meet him too. No PSW’s were permanently scarred in the writing of that blog post. They stayed buddies for 7 years.

So what’s my point? I find David inspiring. Not in a Mother Theresa kind of way (no chance there) but in a holy crap make me think kind of way. If this guy can run marathons, travel like a lunatic, call people on their crap and help them grow, be an scrum coach and an agile change advocate forcing companies to get off their butts and become better all from a wheelchair what excuse do I have? I got nuthin. Actually I now feel like a bit of a slacker. Thanks David …

So David – to set your mind at rest, I don’t plan to kick you in the junk the next time we meet as you predicted. I own to sometimes being a super awesome bitch and have been called so before. I take it as a compliment and haven’t harmed any junk yet that hasn’t lived to see another day. Plus I’d hit your chair before I connected with your junk so why break toes? I hope there will be a next time for us to meet. I plan to buy you a bendy strawed drink and pick that amazing brain apart. Tell Bradley to load up his Kindle. It’s going to be a loooong chat 🙂

Yours in trepping,


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