Gotta Get My Routine Back

Hello! Remember me? The one who used to post on a pretty regular basis before the Christmas season came along and sucked out my brain? The one who usually has no problem coming up with creative ways to discuss business or health or just about anything? I’m not bragging, honestly, but I point this out because the season of jingle bells and wrapping paper has been the most stressful ever. Why? Because as an entrepreneur my time is money and this holiday season has sucked up too much time.

I didn’t think balancing family obligations would be as challenging when I started my own business. In fact, at first, it seemed to make life easier. I’ve got a husband, two teenagers, a mom, two dogs, a house, friends – all great distractions. And when I was an employee I thought it was stressful when personal invaded professional. I try very hard to keep that separate. But now that my boss is so nice and forgiving and understanding, I’m finding that my personal life is impacting my professional life far more than I ever realized it would. And not for the better.

I am the Chief Elf at Christmas time in our house. I’m sure any woman who is also a wife and mother is nodding along with me. Men – if my husband (who’s a fantastic guy) is any indication, you really do think there is an Elf making Christmas happen whilst meals get on the table and laundry gets done. I know that sounds very 50’s/sexist/bitter/ whatever but honestly – how much has changed in that department? Well what’s changed for me is that I no longer have to plan around someone else’s imposed work schedule. I have to plan around my own. Anybody want to guess how easy it is to give yourself time off during the day to get holiday hoopla crap done? And how hard it can be to make up that time?

Well I’m finding out. If you are a new entrepreneur perhaps you are learning this lesson too. Perhaps you are learning the hard way like I am. Perhaps you are a more seasoned entrepreneur and you are having a been there done that moment. Yeah! I’m there now. I’ve seen the light (and not the blinky annoying kind) and have realized that no matter what happens, it is very hard to find the time to get back on track with building your business. It is very BAD idea to allow personal obligations to gobble up precious time that should be spent building your business.

As I write this, the timer goes off for the chicken I have roasting in the oven. My office is in the basement and there are three other people living in this house. But what happens? My husband comes to the top of the stairs and asks what I need to do about the timer going off. I had several suggestions about what could happen with the timer but I’m happy to say that they all remain stored away for future reference. Auspicious timing if ever there was to make the point of this post.

So what’s my point? I’m sure in a year from now as I face another holiday season with the hustle and bustle associated with Christmas, that I will be much better equipped to handle the schedule adjustments necessary. Like any entrepreneur, I learn as I go and build upon lessons learned so that next time I face a similar situation I’m better prepared to do a better job. Next year? Well next year I won’t let the holiday spirit become a holiday time suck and I’ll even put a bow on it.

Wishing you and yours the best of the holiday season and all the best for 2015!

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