Too Much R & R

I don’t know about you but the busier I am the better I manage my time. If I have to be somewhere by a certain time, I plan accordingly and am early or on time. Most times anyway. All good plans can go awry. When I was an employee, I worked my butt off for whomever I worked for and that included a lot of brain space after hours. If I was so raring to earn someone else money, why was it a struggle to get my new schedule as an entrepreneur on track? Two words: setting intentions. I’ll add freedom just for fun.

Freedom is what we’ll start with. As of the end of June I was free. Free from employers. Free from making money for other people. Free from giving free rent of my brain when quite frankly they deserved eviction. Not bad employers but really after hours my brain should be mine. Freedom from other people’s schedules and expectations. Free to start my business and be my own boss. FREEDOM! You can’t say you didn’t see Mel Gibson right at that moment. Come on. Really?

So I think that when I was finally free of 25 years of working for other people, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. I almost felt like I was owed a break. Like I should be allowed to lollygag in the morning and not be beholden to the “man” and their schedule. I was now my own boss and that was going to be great! Just peachy! Only me to answer to. Only me to set the schedule. Only me … holy crap. Only me? Really? Just me?

Yeah this would approximately illustrate the next phase of accepting responsibility for my own schedule and earning potential and obligations. Pretty close to panic. How did I decide to deal with that? By ignoring the panic and sticking with the lollygagging. My brightest choice in life? Nope. Kind of like the entrepreneurs I’ve heard of who get amazing investors and financing and blow it all on shiny desks and branding before they’ve even tested their product or their market. Not my wisest moment. But when you go from being an employee to an entrepreneur one must expect growing pains and luckily I’ve found a way to deal with the pain.

Last week I read about a great personal management tool that I’ve put in to practice. It’s called setting intentions. I know most of you are probably going, holy moly lady are you new? That’s old school. But for me it was new. What was even better was that I was sick and tired of the lollygagging and determined to get myself on track. So I started setting intentions every night. Sort of like prayers for entrepreneurs although I’m sure more than one us is throwing out a Hail Mary now and again. What a difference it has made.

So what’s my point? That going from 25 years of someone telling me what to do to being the someone doing the telling is going to have its challenges. That working from home can have its distractions and learning to manage those is part of the process. That it’s never too late to change behaviors and recognize when using new tools helps you to not be a tool. That having so many people rooting for you and telling you it’s going to work is not pressure and scary but amazing and inspiring. At least that’s what I tell myself during those moments of channeling the borderline loco version of Braveheart.

It’s my intention to make my business as successful as possible. It’s my intention to do this by doing away with the lollygagging and making the most of the opportunities I have. It’s my intention to keep going back to the fabulous people who tell me this is going to work because not only do they believe it but they help me to believe it too and have the tools to make it happen. Oh! The other great article I read was about advisory boards. It’s my intention to keep growing mine as the freedom they are helping me to achieve is worth all the time in the world.

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