The Borg Entrepreneur

Queen Memory Alpha and Jean Luc Picard
Queen Memory Alpha and Jean Luc Picard

Those of you that are Star Trek fans will understand what the Borg reference means – or at least I hope so if you want to continue to call yourself Trekkies. Those of you who aren’t Star Trek friendly obviously spend much more time outside instead of in front of the TV than I do. Or you don’t have a crush on Patrick Stewart but that’s another blog post.

Just in case: Borg are an alien race that are like a cyborg beehive from hell. The drones work for their Queen, or Memory Alpha, with the single goal of rampaging about the universe assimilating other species. Why? To grow their hive and to collect information and technology. They also have some kick ass cybernetics that allows them to tap in to any computer system and upload the info to the Queen. Sort of like a cloud system but less friendly.

Why the Borg reference for this blog post? One – anytime Star Trek can be included in a business blog I say why not? Two – collecting information as a new business owner is my main goal right now. Not in a rampaging crazy Queen kind of way just to be clear. How? Through #3 – collaboration and idea exchanges with other professionals in my network. I’m not suggesting you make these people your drones but if you can benefit from their wisdom over a cup of coffee – do it! A lot.

What I’m wishing for right now is the ability to download all these experts skills and wisdom I’m lucky enough to have access to right in to my own personal brain cloud. Now. Yesterday would be even better. I had a great conversation Saturday night with two colleagues (who are now great friends) who are in business development. It was all about the evaluation of intellectual assets, monetization of modules and the scalability of my business. I felt like my head was going to pop off like an abused dandelion. All I kept thinking was: when the heck am I going to learn everything I need to know?

The short answer of course is never, which is also the answer I secretly prefer. I love learning new things but for my business right now, I’d LOVE that Borg plug-in gadget we talked about earlier. Just slip that little, shiny, USB stinger right in to their brain (which of course is painless and leaves them wholly intact lest you think I’m some kind of wacko) and beam it up to my cloud Scotty. Now there’s an app worth developing: INSTABRAIN, TREPTELLIGENCE, RESOURCEATHONICS, KNOWITNOW. You see where I’m going with this?

For now, I’ll just have to rely on the myriad and sundry resources that I have contact with through my network, friendships, books, blogs, videos and infographics. I’ll also have to rely on my plebeian brain to somehow assimilate the information without the aid of a shiny USB stinger. If my recently completed business canvas is any indication, I’m on my way to Queen status. The question is: how many lights years do I have to wait?

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