Let’s Go Back to Shoulda’

Originally posted on SFNHealthcare 10/02/2014

Last night I put my SFN face on and headed out to the SFN Burlington networking group. A now typical Wednesday activity for me. You’d think, given that it’s now a typical activity for me AND I am a president in the SFN network, that I would have gone prepared. Cardinal rule of networking: make sure you have your business cards. Lots of business cards. And in my case I need lots of business cards for two business: MCV Communications and SFN Health. I have a lot of time and effort invested in to making these businesses successful so you’d think I would have cards and that I should have had some last night. Nope. I didn’t. And I could just kick myself.

Earlier in the day, I thought, I’ll have time later to print some cards off. No worries. It could wait. Actually I’d noticed a few days before so I should have taken care of it then but wouldn’t you know it? I didn’t. I watched all kinds of beautiful business cards going in to the pot for the door prize draw last night and thought – damn. I watched all kinds of business cards changing hands and watched all kinds of fancy business card cases open to reveal loads of cards ready to be shared. Why? Because those smart people recognized that having business cards to network with is the #1 thing you should do when networking. What would have happened if they hadn’t? The same thing that happened to me. I would have been prepared for all the people who asked me about SFN Health and could have looked much more professional than scribbling my info on the back of an SFN general card. I should have listened when my little voice spoke up a few days ago.

What’s my point? Business cards are essential. I know most of you know that. But some of you, perhaps like me, are busy like crazy. Building a business, going to meetings, working weird hours and let’s not forget that whole family commitment thing. So before going to a networking event we say things like, “I should run home and grab my extra stash of business cards”. But we don’t. We get to the event and we say, “I would have been better off if I’d gone home to get my extra stash of cards instead of McGyvering.” And we make do. What we need to be saying is, “I could have been more successful at this event and I will NEVER let myself run out of cards again because my business depends on it.”

Needless to say, I’ve grabbed my extra stash for the meeting I have to run to right now and have my printer all set up to run more off until I put a big order in to Moo.com or whatever other farm animal prints cards for cheap now a days. Business cards are a commitment and an expense. But the commitment to growing your business is an expense you can’t do without.

Yours in health.

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